February 2, 2020

Meet WMP Second Shooter

Meet Danielle. She’s been working as a second shooter for WMP since the beginning of 2019.

I met Danielle through our kids actually. Our daughters have been friends since elementary school and we quickly hit it off as well. For years now, Danielle has been the person that I can always rely on and always enjoy spending time with. When I started looking for a new, steady second shooter, it was a no brainer that Danielle should be part of my team.

Danielle (left) and Caley (right). Your photographers!

Her photography background started back in the United States Airforce. How badass, right?

Test shot!

It had been years since she had flexed her photography skills, so we spent a little time refreshing and training. Not long after, we rolled right in to wedding season and she didn’t skip a beat. We’ve been the Thelma and Louise of Wisconsin wedding photography ever since.

You’ll never see Danielle twice with the same hair color. Gotta keep it interesting!

Danielle, WMP Second Shooter, and her family.

Danielle is such a great addition
to my team and
I know you’ll love her too.


Thank you!

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