March 24, 2020

Top 5 tips for planning a wedding during COVID-19 pandemic.

Wedding planning is tough, and recent events are just making it harder. The novel COVID-19 pandemic is effecting people all over the globe and leaving people anxious and scared. Planning a wedding isn’t stressful enough right? So, why not add a state-wide shut down and global panic? Don’t worry, vendors can sift through the craziness and help couples see things clearly.

Trust me, we are all a little scared about these uncertain times and the financial concerns that go with it. Family, friends, and wedding vendors are just as disappointed and just and confused about how to move forward. We’ll get through it together.

Here are some tips for wedding planning during a crisis. What you should research and how to proceed if you need to change your date.

Look at your contracts

Maybe you’ve already planned your entire wedding, maybe you are just getting started. If you have existing contracts, look them over and contact vendors for clarity if needed.

Most contracts should list some of the “what ifs” and how to proceed if they happen. Do you get your retainers back? Probably not. In most cases, returning retainers would sink a small business, but my guess is that your vendors would be willing (during this special circumstance) to transfer your retainer to a new date if needed. DON’T jump the gun here though. Usually if you cancel without TRYING as hard as you can to keep the date, you will lose your money. This might require some patience and large amounts of wine; but wait until you get confirmation that your wedding CAN’T happen.

If your wedding is in the coming weeks, I’m so sorry you are going through this. It has got to be stressful. Reach out if you need a pep talk!

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Contact your vendors

Be on the same page with everyone involved. After you’ve looked over your contract, ASK QUESTIONS! See what your vendors say before jumping to conclusions. We are all playing this out day by day, so stay informed.

Wedding guests are probably dealing with some pretty big things right now too. Check on them and let them know that you are doing your best to sort things out.

Create backup plans

This is pretty self explanatory, but make sure you know what your options are moving forward. Think to yourself what you would do if x, y, z happened tomorrow, next week, next month.

Being informed and doing your research will hopefully calm some of the anxiety that comes with wedding planning. Meanwhile, don’t forget that your sanity is important too. Hopefully, you practice self-care and can navigate this processes without losing excitement for your day! It’s still special and very important to all of us!

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Consider reducing your guest list
or eloping

Who knows where we will be in a couple of months. Will large weddings be allowed again? Will venues be allowed to accommodate large groups? You might need to take a breath and just simply wait until things become clear, but it’s also good to be prepared with backup plans.

You can still have an amazing wedding day if you reduce your guest list! Think of all the technology now days. You could live broadcast your wedding day!!


Surprise everyone and elope with just a few people. This day is still about the two of you and the love you share. As long as there is love, the rest can be sorted out.

Trust your wedding photographer to capture your day and share it with your family and friends. Galleries can be shared and prints can be mailed as well. Resources are available, just ask.

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DON’T PANIC! We’ve got you!

I know it’s easy to let the stress and anxiety get to you when planning a wedding. That’s especially true right now. The uncertainty and fear are taking over and making rational people panic.

After you’ve checked your contracts and contacted vendors (especially your venue!), you might have to consider changing your plans. This might involve losing retainers if your original vendors have limited availability.

I want to assure you that most likely, your vendors will do everything they can to keep you as a client so definitely confirm with them first before changing plans- even after you’ve re-educated yourself on the contracts you’ve signed. Most of us are networked together and they may be able to help you find alternative options if they are no longer able to complete the service.

**Here at Willow Marie Photography, we still have Fall 2020 wedding/elopement dates as well as 2021.

In the event your photographer is unable to photograph your existing or future date, please reach out!

Let’s VIDEO CHAT and talk about your options!

Weddings and elopements in WI welcome 2020/2021.

**As soon as travel is an option, we will be taking contracts for travel elopements again as well.

Check out the details and get in touch here:

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Thank you!

Thank you for contacting WMP about your wedding. We will reach out to you within 48 business hours. Happy Planning!

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