August 24, 2020

Two Brides Elope in Colorado Mountain Wedding

Colorado Mountain Wedding bridal portraits 
Two brides snuggle in Rocky Mountains
Two brides elope in RMNP

Kelsey & Alex Elope in
Rocky Mountain National Park

This gorgeous couple recently moved from Madison, WI to Colorado and were looking for a hiking elopement photographer in Rocky Mountain National Park. I am so happy we crossed paths because this hiking elopement was EPIC!

These two brides hiking through Colorado made creating amazing photos easy because their excitement was so palpable and they looked stunning together.

Like many couples, Kelsey and Alex’s original wedding plans were curbed due to COVID-19. Their original plan was to have mountain wedding photos in Norway, but 2020 had other plans for them. It seems they couldn’t wait out the pandemic and decided to tie the knot anyway.

Two brides elope in Rocky Mountain National Park mountains
Rocky Mountain National Park Bridal Portraits

Rocky Mountain National Park is such a gorgeous place with way too many hiking trails to choose from. To help decide the best locations, I did a lot of research and found that since COVID-19 the park has implemented a timed entry system. Make sure if you plan on visiting the park, you plan accordingly using their website.

Planning and location scouting is included in all WMP elopement packages. With a little guidance from my couples, I’ll help find the perfect spot to exchange vows and celebrate love to match their vision.

They were up for anything and not at all afraid to hike in their dresses and try new things for these stunning photos!
Hang off the side of the mountain? Why not?

Two brides snuggle on cliff in mountains of RMNP
The view of a lifetime with the one you love.

These ladies stayed looking this great the entire time. How is that possible?!

Brides hiking in dresses, hiking boots, and hiking packs for mountain elopement

A little dance in the
mountain woods.

Two brides dancing in woods hiking in colorado
  • bride dances with wife in mountains
  • Two brides dancing in woods hiking in colorado
  • brides dancing in woods dips wife
Two brides kissing in front of mountains during wedding hike
Two adventurous brides kissing in front of the Rocky Mountains

Hiking with a “dress pouch” can be tricky,
but these brides make it look easy.
Alex and Kelsey climbed all over RMNP in full gear.

hiking brides in wedding gowns

Planning this trip was so much fun! I made sure to choose a trail with amazing spots along the way to the big finale.

brides elope in colorado
Sunset photos of brides in mountains
  • long hike in wedding dresses for elopement in mountains
  • Sunset photos of brides in mountains
  • couple enjoys the mountain scenery
brides climbing mountains in RMNP

Showing each other a little love above the trees.

brides hiking overlooking mountains at sunset wearing hiking packs and wedding dresses

Almost to the dream location.

Brides hiking on bridge in Rocky Mountain National Park mountains in background

You really can’t beat the scenery in the Colorado Rockies.

Brides elope with alpine glow on mountain in background
wedding photos at dream lake colorado
Rocky Mountain elopement photography

After scoping out the trout fishing, Kelsey and Alex cuddled up in front on this majestic mountain location.

brides sitting in front of dream lake and mountains colorado
close up of brides snuggling near mountains and lake after long hike

Heck yeah! Kelsey has a mountain tattoo on her foot, so of course we had to go barefoot for a bit!

mountain tattoo on bride's foot in RMNP

Their seamstress was a little confused when they showed up to a fitting with hiking boots instead of high heels. Looks perfect to me!

bridal gowns and hiking boots in the mountains
  • close up of bridal gowns and wedding rings
  • black and white photo of couple in front of mountains and lake
  • beautiful LGBT couple in wedding dresses
  • Intimate wedding in Colorado Rockies

This trip really made me miss living in Colorado. If only I could take everyone I love with me so I could move back.
I guess that means that I’ll have to come back and visit over and over again to photograph more amazing couples!

  • close up of same sex couple
  • mulit-racial LGBT couple holding each other in front of mountains
Lesbian Mountain Wedding portraits
Two brides elope in RMNP

Congratulations love birds!


Thank you!

Thank you for contacting WMP about your wedding. We will reach out to you within 48 business hours. Happy Planning!

Tell us what you think

  1. Kelly Shevy says:

    This wedding photo shoot is awe inspiring and so creative. I love the hiking packs and boots,
    and especially the interested little dog they came across on the trail. I love that they turned a bummer pandemic into such a beautiful celebration of their passion and adventure!

  2. Jo Ann Koesters says:

    What an amazing photo journal of your wedding
    You both look beautiful beyond words!
    And rocky Mountain Park beckons me once again!
    Wishing you both the very best in every way
    you both look so happy and many blessings to’
    you forever! Congratulations so happy to have
    met you both and are happy for your life together!

  3. Jeanne H. says:

    Congratulations Kelsey & Alex – what a beautiful couple! In addition, you’re both amazing people. I love the hiking boots and backpacks.

    Great job on the photo shoot, too!

    It makes me really miss living in Colorado and being able to just drive up to RMNP for an afternoon. I’m glad you two can do that now.

    Aunt Jeanne (Anna’s aunt, too)

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