May 23, 2021

Wedding Photography Stressors to NOT WORRY About.

We know what stresses couples out about wedding photography. Hiring a PRO can help diminish most of them. Here are just a few ways Willow Marie Photography helps guide you through the process.

Main Stressors:

  1. Staying organized No worries, we send you reminders and keep everything in the same place with your client portal.
  2. Having a professional that will actually show up on the wedding day. We’ve heard the horror stories. Occasionally we’ve been able to swoop in and be the hero when another photographer doesn’t show up. In over then years of photographing weddings, we’ve never missed one.
  3. Knowing your photos are safe. This is why we create duplicates and back ups and literally keep them in a fireproof safe. Some might call it paranoid, we call it prepared. Wedding photos cannot be redone and we take that seriously.
  4. Having a stranger follow you around all awkward on your wedding day. That’s why we included engagement session to have a “dress rehearsal” so you know how to pose and look comfortable. This is also how I get to know you guys as a couple and your personal style.
  5. Having no idea what is “normal” for couples to do for their wedding photos. That’s why you hire the pros that have done this hundreds of times. We will help guide you through the process. Albums are the best way to have a tangible way to relive your wedding day. It’s also a great memorabilia to pass down through the family.
  6. Maybe you’re not comfortable in front of a camera. We will not only use our expertise to guide the photos with the best lighting, camera equipment, and posing for your body type and style, but we will also offer a complementary make up application for your engagement session so you know you look flawless before we even start.

What guests ACTUALLY remember about your wedding

You have enough things to worry about. Don’t let photography be one of them. When you book your wedding photographer, you should feel a sigh of relief, not like you have more to worry about.

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